We are located behind Shades of Light in Willow Lawn!! 4924 West Broad Street ~ Richmond, VA 23230 (Tuesday-Friday 10-6 and Saturday 10-5)

Ko Designs

I started Ko Designs as a way to relax and explore semi-precious gemstone beads featuring traditional round white pearls in jewelry while finishing up my BFA in Crafts and a minor in Business Administration from Longwood University. Upon graduating in 2006, I started full time at Jeweler's Services Inc. where I now work as a bench jeweler and designer honing my metal smithing and stone setting skills. During this tenure, I continued to evolve my jewelry style and gain confidence in my brand by selling unique Ko Designs pieces to family and friends, as well as at jFergeson Gallery. While the evolution of my designs still incorporate semi-precious gemstones and pearls, the aesthetic of each piece is vastly different. Now unique and luscious keshi pearls take center stage and semi-precious stones have become the accent with gleaming metalwork weaving my creations together. I love to sit down with pearls all around, moving them into different lighting to bring out all of the under and over-tones. I then play off of each of those colors to see what metal and gemstone colors best accentuate or downplay the rainbow that comes to life in each pearl.