Pale Pink "Flowers Bloom When Rain Falls" Printable

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As you know, we make just about everything. One of our favorite things to create is hand-painted home decor. Part of that process is creating a template, or stencil, that we later cut or print out to use as a guide and make our signs just as we envisioned. We also know that sometimes you may have an adorable frame sitting at home, waiting for the perfect quote or image to complete your gallery wall. So we started creating printables from the stencils we put together, just for you.

Our new collection of printables are all designed and created here at Boho. They are priced competitively so you can acquire everything you need to transform your house to that cozy home you saved on Pinterest, all at an affordable amount.

The pictures shown give you an idea of what the printed image would look like framed, and/or matted and framed. They should be able to be printed in a variation of sizes, but please let us know if you run into any issues! (Your downloaded image will not have the watermark shown in these images.)