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"Guarded" by Alexandra Elise Art

"Guarded" by Alexandra Elise Art

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"At some point last year, my mind was racing a million miles a minute and I had trouble sleeping soundly through the night. I heard a message that mentioned Psalm 121:4, that 'He who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep...' and he made a point that God *doesn't* sleep so that *we* can. I wrote the verse on a sticky note next to my pillow as a reminder. That sticky note turned into a little scribble on an index card in the same place, and eventually a four foot canvas next to my bed so I can see it and be reminded each night. That's where it stayed for weeks until I couldn't forget it. Sometimes we just need a reminder. Rest is a promise He gives."



~ 8" x 12" print w/gallery matting (total size is 11" x 14")

~ 30" x 40" canvas print



(Hand-Painted by Alexandra Elise Art)