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"Finding Me Again" QUARTERLY Paperback Workbook

"Finding Me Again" QUARTERLY Paperback Workbook

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This workbook is almost identical to the monthly version, but with a touch more, and designed for three months, versus just the one. It is full of resources designed to help you refocus various aspects of your life, prioritize your self-care strategies, and ultimately build a stronger, less-stressed, confident, and genuine YOU.


First of all, I'm so glad you're here!! It means the world that you found one of my humble little journals and decided to try it! This sweet stack of pages was created in an effort to help me find a better balance in every aspect of my life, and in turn help me become the healthiest version of myself.

Some may wonder why a monthly journal, why not a year...but sometimes I believe the entire year can be overwhelming to look at, especially if you're ADHD like me. But a month...a month I think I can tackle. And month by month I'll improve myself and watch each collection of 30(ish) days add up, turning into that full year. Plus, some months are WAY harder than others...but this journal helps give me comfort in the reminder that I can start fresh way before the ball drops on New Year's Eve.

So take it page by page. Fill them all out or pick your favorites. Use bright colors and tapes and stickers. I purposefully left each page monochrome so YOUR notes and YOUR progress would be what catches your eye. Then each time you look back you'll find encouragement in how far you've come.



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